Kia ora, I'm Chanel, the friendly face behind Territory Weddings. I specialise in wedding planning in Darwin and destination weddings across the Northern Territory and northern parts of Australia. 

My highly-experienced team and I are here to support you every step of the way and we have absolutely all of the tools necessary to do just this. We want to help you create your dream wedding by getting to know you, understanding your vision, goals and budget then coming up with a seamless plan to orchestrate your picture-perfect day. As a team, we’re ultra detail-oriented, solutions-based and focused (we LOVE a spreadsheet) – so you can 100% trust me when I say, we’ve got you.

Whenever you need us, my team and I are always just a phone call away – providing you with support, peace of mind and a shoulder to lean on. We’ll be by your side throughout to ensure that every detail is just as it should be, freeing up your time to have fun and celebrate with your nearest and dearest.

I love helping couples bring their dreams to life

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My passion for wedding planning

I like to think of myself as a down-to-earth wedding planner. As a mother of two, I have a strong maternal side and a caring nature. I was drawn to the wedding industry as I love the fine balance of creativity and pragmatism that it demands – figuring out how to bring a couple’s dream to life, regardless of budget, is endlessly inspiring to me. What I hadn’t prepared myself for was all of the wonderful and genuine relationships I’ve built with my couples over the years. I cherish these connections and feel abundantly lucky that fostering these kinds of relationships is such a core element of my job.

Together, we’ll focus on what matters most 


The start of your wedding planning is an incredible adventure, but it can also feel a little overwhelming – a whirlwind of ideas and emotions. Together, we’ll create a tangible vision and plan for your day that my team and I will work diligently behind the scenes to bring to life. 

With a strong understanding of everything that needs to be done, rest assured that your wedding planning and orchestration will be silky smooth. But it’ll be fun too! As a laid-back wedding planner, I’ll make sure you’re able to relax and enjoy the process – free to unwind and celebrate with your loved ones, while we take care of the rest.

Your wedding is such an incredible celebration as it marks the start of a beautiful future together – we’re SO excited to get started!