I started in the wedding industry as a photographer and found that often clients would ask me for recommendations on flowers, reception venue, and more. I started event planning in Darwin in 2017 for friends and in 2018 began wedding planning because there was no central place of information for couples wanting to marry in the Northern Territory. I wanted to make the process easier for couples utilising knowledge of local suppliers. I also realised how much I loved helping couples have a stress free wedding day.

Some couples begin planning their wedding two years in advance. It might seem like that is plenty of time but the excitement fizzles out or overwhelm sets in and the next thing you know your wedding is 8 months away. There are many benefits to working with a wedding planner early. The earlier you start working with a planner the more prepared and confident you will feel when making big financial decisions. The expert advice and inside knowledge of a planner can help you avoid costly mistakes later down the track. I am biased but my advice is to engage with a wedding planner as soon as you decide you want to start planning your wedding.

Definitely! We will do as much as you want us to do during the wedding planning process. We always ask you what you want and we then make our suggestions to you.

Yes, we actually work with quite a few couples across the country. We’ve had clients that lived in QLD, WA and VIC. We can also work with international couples. Having a wedding planner is quite beneficial in that situation since you most likely don’t have the time to fly in often to meet with vendors, etc.

Territory Weddings is a full service wedding planning business. This is what we do, love, and enjoy every day!
When I first started planning weddings I thought it was all about creating a beautiful design for the wedding, making it one of a kind. I now realise that while creating a beautiful design for your wedding and making it one of a kind is important, the most valuable thing that we do as wedding planners is make the planning process fun and relaxed for you, our couples. We do the planning, budgeting, and coordinating so that you get to focus on the exciting parts of designing your wedding like the food and cake tastings, trying on gorgeous wedding gowns, and selecting the perfect invitation.
As you read through our reviews you will see the word "calm" throughout them. We stay very calm so that we can keep you calm and stress free!
When we first meet you will find that we ask a lot of questions about YOU. We will get to know you and your likes and dislikes so we can plan a wedding where your personality will shine through. This is your big day so we will make sure it is customised to fit your style.

Almost everyone. We offer full wedding planning as well as event management. 
Our clients value our knowledge and expertise to execute a detail oriented and unique wedding experience for them and their guests. Clients we work with are passionate, thoughtful, open-minded and trusting. We spend anywhere between 18-24+ months working with couples so it is very important to us that you trust the process and our advice.
We also work well with couples who have lovingly planned their own wedding but want to hand the management and coordination over to a trusted professional. We love a detailed run-sheet wish all couples could experience the difference having a dedicated event manager to oversee the day and make sure everything runs smoothly. 

Yes, yes, yes!! Oh we have dreams of planning weddings all over Australia and to work with some absolute rockstar vendors interstate.

Fancy a wedding interstate or overseas? Drop us a message with your ideas because we'd love to chat about them.

Our preferred method of payment is via bank transfer. An initial booking fee is required once couples sign a contract.

I have a loud and hearty laugh, I do drop the occasional F bomb and you're likely to become friends for life! 

My terms and conditions state the payment schedule which does not change. If you book in advance, the schedule of payments are spaced out enough for couples to manage.

Planning a wedding involves many hours so my preference is to support you throughout the entire journey rather than leave it up to luck for it to all come together on the day. I would feel terrible if something did not turn out the way we had planned given so much time and effort goes into the process. When you book me as your planner, event management goes hand in hand. For this reason, I don't offer stand alone planning services.

It is important to me that you feel comfortable with my style and how I work. I meet all potential clients either face to face or via video conference. Once booked the fun begins! I have a few tasks I ask the couples to complete and then we dive deep into our bespoke planning system which keeps all the information in one place. I have a passionate team who support me with researching and connecting you with vendors. We are available to you at any time (during reasonable business hours) and have a fantastic response rate! We understand how stressful planning can be - we don't make you wait or guess. This is something about my business that I am very proud of.

I recommend engaging with a wedding planner 18 - 24 months before your wedding day. This helps to refine what is most important to you and I will guide you through those conversations. However, if you know exactly what you want but you and your partner are busy professionals, you can engage with me at anytime. Please be mindful that in these situations, your preferred venue or vendor may not be available on your date. Having realistic expectations are part of the planning process. 

Absolutely! I offer on the day coordination which is extremely great value for money. I can cater for all sizes of weddings from 30 - 400+ people.