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6 easy ways to save money on your wedding


Congratulations, you’re engaged! Now, we’re guessing you are here because you want to save money on your wedding day. Smart move. We conducted a survey a little while ago and found out that over 63% of couples were stressed because of their budget. For a day that is meant to be all about the lurrrve that is too many of you heading into your wedding with unnecessary stress.

The good news is it only takes a few small changes. And the best part is, none of them involve giving up your beloved latte! So, if you are ready to feel in control of your wedding funds keep reading.


time is your best friend

We get it, you’ve just gotten engaged and with that comes the exciting journey of wedding planning! Uh, but do you really want to rush around for the next 6-12 months trying to scavenge money and time for planning? No? Plus, who wants to enter married life with a huge debt to their new name?

By having time on your side, you have the ability to save up for the wedding you’ve always dreamed of (and can now afford!).

If you were to prolong your engagement for 2 years as opposed to 6 months you would save an additional $3900 by just putting away $50 per week.

Also, now that time is your best friend you also have maximum flexibility to choose the date, venue and suppliers that suit your budget.

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one location, one payment

We have a couple of reasons as to why hosting your ceremony and reception at the same venue is a fabulous idea for the bank account. For starters, you only pay for the one location and most venues offer packages to host your entire wedding with them. Secondly, this saves on transportation costs as you and your guests won’t need to travel between locations. 

Also, if you need a little more convincing, you save on decoration and equipment hire. Just by flipping the space from ceremony to reception.


go off peak


Undoubtedly, most couples want to tie the knot on a Saturday, we get it. However, before you go ruling out a mid-week wedding, hear us out. Couples go searching for the perfect venue only to be put off by the price. Surprisingly, weekday weddings can work out to be less than half the cost. It’s not only the venue that offers cheaper rates, almost all of your suppliers will offer rates that are significantly cheaper! 

Therefore, you can enjoy a more intimate affair with your closest friends and family. And, most people would be happy to take a couple of days off work to celebrate with you. Because let’s be real, who doesn’t love a short working week?! In addition to that, your interstate guests will love you! Cheaper hotel and airfares for the weekday travellers. 

We totally understand that this is one of those tips that doesn’t suit everyone and that’s perfectly fine! (Besides, you already made friends with time in step 1 so you could afford your dream day).


don't invite your entire family tree

While we aren’t too sure exactly how many branches your family tree has, we cannot stress this enough, YOU. DO. NOT have to invite everyone. When it comes to making your guest list you can get caught up in feeling obliged in inviting friends you haven’t spoken to in years, relatives you barely talk to, or even people that had you at their wedding 10 years ago. It’s ok to make limitations to suit your budget, not everyone needs a spot on your intimate list.

We have brainstormed a few suggestions to cut back on the invites. Save money on your wedding by making your guest list adults only. In addition, invite only immediate family, limit plus ones and friends that you genuinely consider to be close to you.


elopement here we come

It might sound like we are repeating ourselves, but all of these tips really do tie in together. More guests = more money, more money = more debt, Debt = no thank you!

With that, we introduce the increasingly popular idea of eloping. By choosing to celebrate your wedding in the most intimate setting eliminates a great portion of the costs. With the current circumstances in the world, more and more suppliers are adapting their services to offer elopement style ceremonies and we encourage you to jump on that.

Also, an elopement is completely customised to suit you as the couple and you have almost zero limitations from where you wed, what you wear and how you experience your day it’s up to you and there is no expectations to please your guests.

You can still have a celebration with friends and family at a later stage when the funds allow you to do so. The bonus to this, you will be having a party not a wedding, meaning no expectations or wedding price tags!

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making a list and checking it twice

This might seem like a no-brainer but having a list in front of you to tell you exactly what you need to save money for and by when is a huge mental and budget saviour. It allows you to break down your tasks into bite-sized pieces that eliminate a tonne of stress from your shoulders.

With the help of our wedding planning checklist we have made it that much simpler for you to sit down as a couple, decide what is absolutely essential and direct your funds towards what is important.

Finally, grab your copy of our wedding planning checklist here, a bottle of wine, your significant other and let’s help you save money on your wedding!

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