Micro weddings are becoming popular

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What is a Micro wedding?

A micro wedding probably isn’t what you’d expect it to be. When you think of the word micro, I bet you imagine only a handful of guests. It is a common misconception that a micro wedding is an elopement. The difference is in the number of guests; nothing else about your wedding needs to be micro-sized.

A micro wedding may refer to the “size” of your guest list as it is a niche way to describe an intimate wedding of between 30-50 guests. Everything else can be as big, bold and expensive as you want. Often, traditional wedding aspects are still incorporated. We have witness the trend rise and micro weddings are becoming popular.

What is the attraction?


One of the biggest attractions of micro weddings is the focus on the guest experience. With fewer guests and possibly fewer vendors, you can plan a unique experience for you and your guests. We have already witnessed this trend gain popularity in the Northern Territory, particularly with COVID-19 disrupting interstate travel. More and more couples opt for a micro wedding to include memorable experiences in the days leading up to and after their wedding day.



Our top recommendations

We have listed our top recommendations for wedding vendors’ categories and suggestions for memorable experiences if you are on the fence about having a micro wedding.


a little something extra

Fancy making the celebrations extend a couple of days? You might want to consider leading up to your special day,  several memorable experiences with your guests which, continue to support our small local businesses in Darwin. Here are our top suggestions!